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If you have recently purchased an older home/condo, or require major upgrades where you’re living right now, you may need a whole house renovation, which is extensive and involves most major elements of your home. In these types of projects the interior finishes are removed and you start from scratch, but you may also decide to retain certain finishes, which still may be in good condition i.e. the wall surfaces, flooring, trim work, and most of the mechanical systems of the home including the electrical, plumbing, and HVAC.

Typically though, most whole house renovations involve at least the kitchen and bathroom along with other necessary improvements to the home, which may include the basement, laundry room, bedrooms, and other common areas. Upgrades and repairs may also be needed with insulation, the flooring, plumbing and HVAC, along with electrical and wall finishes. In some instances, the exterior and structural elements of the home may also need to be looked at including the home’s framing, masonry, roofing, landscaping, and windows & doors.


Whatever the extent of your whole house renovation, Harrison Homes can provide all the services required to transform your home into a your dream homewith finishes and upgrades that meet your needs.

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Every project needs a properly structured plan that guides the renovation process; a road map with details.

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